Cloud operational system goes to Finovate 2015 (USA)

Each self-respecting state dreams about its own operational system, as it is one of its national safety conditions.

At this, each bank has its own pain related to its activity support. This issue was voiced by the author of the bestseller “Digital Bank” Chris Skinner in the following words: “Everybody tries to make bank products more attractive on the outside while their technical unsides are full of rubbish.”

Most banks solve their IT tasks by purchasing ready-made solutions, the implementation of which takes a long time and a lot of money.

“We have been honestly trying to adapt to our needs products available on the market, – says Deputy Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank Oleksandr Vityaz, – but it was either long and expensive or too long and too expensive, and the cost of changes is always too high.”

As the result of these regrets, in 2005 the idea of a cloud operational system Corezoid (“zoid” means “life”) arose. It is the very first cloud operational system (COS) that is capable to implement and support any algorithms and business processes. While you are reading this text, 32,000 little corezoids operate easily in Privat24 and have already performed about 4 million logical operations.

When we showed Corezoid to Chris Skinner, international expert on bank innovations, who was giving a lecture in our bank, he exclaimed: “You have boosted the limits of banking! This is just what I was describing in my book but I wasn’t sure if I would see anything like that in operation.” This was a boost towards opening the product to everyone – from universities to banks.

We shall be pleased to introduce the cloud operational system Corezoid at Finovate 2015 in the heart of Silicon Valley.

So, here comes, the new generation COS!