PrivatBank recognized as largest contactless payment Ukrainian bank

PrivatBank was recognized as the largest bank in Ukraine with contactless payments.

This was reported by representatives of Visa, handing the bank a special diploma “For the most VISA payWave acceptance network.” According to Privat, beginning in February 2016, when the bank started receiving VISA payWave contactless payment cards in its network of POS-terminals opportunity VISA contactless cards purchases benefited more than 1.5 million people.

“Every month, more than 500 thousand customers choose contactless payments VISA payWave as the most convenient alternative to classic bank cards or cash,” said deputy chairman of PrivatBank Roman Neginsky. “We are continuing to expand the network of receiving payment for payWave Visa payment system technology, which means that Ukrainians will be more opportunities to pay the non-contact. ”

Conveniently and securely pay for purchases with VISA payWave cards, which can now be used at more than 64 thousand PrivatBank terminals installed at trade and service enterprises in Ukraine:. “Silpo”, “ATB”, METRO, gas stations ANP, etc. All produced PrivatBank card.. VISA rayWave equipped with a contactless module, and chip and magnetic strip, that allows to use them for payment at any point of reception. When buying for less than 200 UAH payWave cardholders do not have to enter a PIN or sign a receipt.

VISA payWave contactless technology meets high security standards VISA thanks to an encrypted code that is transmitted along with the information about the payment and is unique to each transaction. VISA payWave technology provides card payment terminals and interoperability worldwide. Today VISA payWave cards can be easily and quickly calculated in 68 countries around the world.